A pan-European cooperative for radical transformation towards social justice, sustainability and democracy

Welcome to the CosmoPolitical Cooperative!

We build a pan-European cooperative for the radical transformation of individuals and society towards social justice, sustainability and democracy, whereby we mean that:

  • we support individuals in their transition;
  • we radically transform the economy, society and the political system towards social justice, sustainability and democracy;
  • we operate democratically at a pan-European scale, under the EU-wide statute of a non-profit European Cooperative Society.

We unite the people that work and act together - that cooperate - in a democratic way, at the scale of the European Union, towards making our vision of a just, sustainable and happy society for the 21st century, the Society of Agreement, a reality in 2050 or earlier. The Society of Agreement is based upon three mutually-supporting pillars: (1) pan-European democracy, in all public institutions and private organisations (including for-profit companies); (2) social justice and confidence in the future for all; (3) environmental sustainability, specifically: Greenhouse Gases emissions below net-zero. The Society of Agreement is radically different from our contemporary society – for the better! It is also the positive alternative to the global collapse we head towards if we don’t address the global challenges of the 21st century.

We provide every EU citizen, including yourself, with the means to act, now or later, alone or with others, with the intensity that s/he chooses, towards these goals of pan-European democracy, social justice and environmental sustainability. Our statute as a European cooperative (SCE) gives us the capacity to offer you, in a unified way at the European Union level, a very wide range of means of action, at all scales:

  • as an association, by developing and disseminating tools for individual and collective transition towards environmental and social sustainability;
  • as a trade union, by engaging in a "sustainability dialogue" with the management of the companies or organisations where we work or with which we interact, to push them to intensify their transition;
  • as a company, by creating a sustainable product or service offering where none exists;
  • as a political organisation, by actively participating in the transformation, through democratic means, of the current legislative, fiscal and regulatory framework.

We propose to you four levels of increasing participation in the life of our Cooperative:

  1. as a Listener, you will receive our newsletter (subscribe here);
  2. as a Donor, you will contribute to the success of our activities (donate here);
  3. as a member of our Community, you will participate in our discussions on our internal social network (register) and in our chat room (register);
  4. as a Cooperator, you will be a full member of our Cooperative and will participate in all our decision-making processes, following world-class democratic procedures (register).

We support individuals in their transition towards a just, sustainable and happy life

We support all citizens, including yourself, that want to engage, now, with no need to coordinate with others or to wait for political decisions to be taken, in a transition towards a more just, sustainable and happy life.

To do so:

  • we indicate you how to measure where you stand on your path to a sustainable lifestyle;
  • we help you identifying, among the many possible areas in which to perform this transition, those where your efforts will pay back the most, the fastest and the most easily;
  • we support you in engaging in these actions by providing you with:

Our cooperative action radically transforms the economy, society and the political system towards the Society of Agreement

By acting together as members of a cooperative, we leverage the strength of collective action. This opens to us a much broader range of action than what is possible at the scale of an individual.

We start acting now, within the existing system. We radically transform this system, democratically, when its structures stand in the way of the build-up of the Society of Agreement.

We start acting now, within the existing system

We start acting now, within the existing legal, regulatory and public budget framework, by:

  1. supporting each other in our Cooperators’ Projects that transform the economy and society towards the Society of Agreement;
  2. defining collectively, in the organisations or the economic sectors where we work or that we are related to, actions of that organisation or of that economic sector towards environmental and social sustainability, which we call “Sustainability Actions of Organisations or Sectors”, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders, and defending these actions collectively at the scale of the European Union in a “sustainability dialogue” with the management of the organisation, which makes our work meaningful again and restores our pride in working in this organisation or sector; and
  3. engaging as an organisation in Entrepreneurial Prototypes that are the forerunners of the economic activities that will be mainstream in the Society of Agreement.

We radically transform the system

When the existing legal, regulatory, and public budget framework hinders the implementation of features of the Society of Agreement, we transform this framework democratically, by leveraging existing political institutions, from the municipality to the European Union, towards the Society of Agreement.

The transformation process that we promote follows a "30-40-50 Strategy". Under this strategy, we  reach the three pillars of the Society of Agreement in parallel axes of effort, with staggered objectives:

  1. pan-European democracy in 2030, to have a sufficiently strong and unified political power at the scale of the European Union to overcome the resistance of economic and financial powers;
  2. social justice in 2040, so that everyone has the confidence in the future necessary to engage in radical transformations of their way of life;
  3. environmental sustainability in 2050, for reasons of simple survival of human civilisation.

In our views, pursuing these three axes of effort jointly and in parallel, being equally radical in the pursuit of each of them, in a coherent, long-term roadmap, is the only means to overcome the global challenges of the 21st century.

30-40-50 strategy

In order to implement this “30-40-50 Strategy”:

  1. We define public policies leading to the Society of Agreement and integrated into the 30-40-50 Strategy, and support them in the public debate;
  2. We participate in democratic political elections at all levels of public institutions, from the municipality to the European Union, support our public policies, adapted to this level of public institution, in these elections, and win positions of responsibility in assemblies and governments;
  3. We exercise political responsibilities in public institutions at all levels, to implement these policies  and thus transform the European Union and society towards the Society of Agreement, by mobilising the powerful and concentrated resources and instruments of public power: public regulation, taxation, public spending and investment.

We operate democratically, under the EU-wide statute of a European Cooperative Society

  • We perform ourselves, with our own resources, and by mutually supporting each other, all actions within our individual and collective capabilities, that foster the development of the Society of Agreement;
  • We work in a cooperative manner and in a spirit of mutual respect, kindness, encouragement and support, in a safe and trustworthy space, where everyone contributes to the common work according to his/her means and resources;
  • We achieve together what we could never do in isolation: support each other in our individual transformation towards a just and sustainable life; transform the economy, society and the political system at a large scale – up to that of the European Union – towards the Society of Agreement;
  • We rigorously apply the democratic principle of "one person, one vote" in all our decision-making processes, at the three key stages of initiative, amendment and selection of actions. To achieve this, our processes and tools deliver first-in-class internal democracy;
  • Our democracy is deliberative: we give ourselves the means and tools (in particular software) to discuss freely and in depth among ourselves, learn from each other and thus progress in our knowledge and reflection, and then take decisions that engage our entire organisation and are effectively implemented;
  • We constitute, by virtue of our status as a European Cooperative Society, a single pan-European organisation recognised in each Member State of the European Union as a cooperative.


YOU can contribute, with your experience, your values, your aspirations, to changing the European Union and the world for the better.

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"Cosmopolitical: adjective. That considers issues from the perspective of a world citizen"