Start acting now!

You can start already now your transition towards a just, sustainable and happy life. You don’t need to coordinate with others, or to wait for political decisions to be taken.

You can start right away using our practical factsheets, full of concrete and well-documented advice.

To go further in your transition, we suggest you follow this process:

  1. First: establish where you stand. Measure, quantitatively, how sustainable you current life-style is.

  2. Second: identify, among the many possible areas in which to change your lifestyle towards more environmental sustainability and social justice, those where your individual efforts will pay back the most and the most easily;

  3. Third: engage in these actions by:

    • acquiring the competencies helping you in this transition, in the on-line trainings proposed by the CosmoPolitical Cooperative or by other qualified sources; and / or

    • participating in a Mutual Support Group supported by the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, in which you, together with fellow citizens engaged in the same transition as you, will encourage and support each other and share your experiences, in full autonomy and independence, with no strings attached.