I have no competence or experience in social change or policy-making. How can I contribute valuably to the work of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative?

You can contribute to the activities of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative at all scales, and with any level of initial competence.

As a Cooperator, you can, together with other Cooperators:

  • unite your efforts to perform a local, but reproducible, improvement to the current social and economic order, in the direction of the Society of Agreement. Initial ideas of such activities could be: training on low-meat diets, educational support of disadvantaged children, or the set-up of a social theatre play... or anything that Cooperators will decide! This we call a Cooperators' Initiative;
  •  create within the Cooperative the prototype of an innovative, economically self-sustaining activity supporting the transition to the Society of Agreement, which the Cooperative would operate as a legal entity. An initial idea of such activities could be a sustainable and just garment manufacturing company. This we call a Social Entrepreneurship Activity;
  • design and adopt democratically public policies that change the legislation, regulation or public budgets in the direction of the Society of Agreement, and implement these policies by being elected to positions of responsibility in public bodies at all scales, from the municipality to the whole European Union.

Thereby, we propose a continuous range of actions, from the very local, small-scale action with fast effects to the macroscopic action with long-term consequences.

In all these activities, you can participate in actions appropriate to your current level of competencies in the field. You can:

  1. simply identify and detect problems or issues that would deserve being treated
  2. review existing private actions performed by NGOs or companies, or public policies, that attempt to address the issue or problem, and how well they do it
  3. if an existing solution works well, reproduce it or adapt it to your local context
  4. if it doesn't:
    • understand the root causes of the issue or problem
    • design an innovative private action or public policy that could be implemented to solve the issue or problem
    • implement it.

In addition, constructive criticism is always welcome. It is only when an idea has withstood a broad range of valid critics that it can claim to be robust enough to be implemented.

By engaging in these activities, by debating courteously and in good faith with other Cooperators, you will learn and increase your competence and knowledge.

In addition, the CosmoPolitical Cooperative provides a range of methodological tools to support your reflection and democratic and friendly deliberation with fellow Cooperators. The first examples of such tools are the rigorous templates that structure the description of our Cooperators' Initiatives, Social Entrepreneurship Activities and Public Policy Proposals.