The web sites of our IT platform

Here is the list of all the websites of our IT platform, with an explanation of the purpose and the access link to each of them.

Open to all

  • Overall presentation of the Cooperative: The present website, for every person to learn about the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, its purpose, its goals, its modes of operation, and to start learning about how to evolve towards a more just, sustainable and satisfactory life;
  • On-line trainings: for every person to acquire the competencies s/he needs to lead a sustainable, just and happy life, and to engage in meaningful democratic debates in a pan-European context;
  • Mailing lists: for every person to susbcribe to our newsletters in his/her language.

For  the members of our Community

  • Internal social network: for a free discussion among members of our Community, in a trusted, friendly and confidential environment, in freely-chosen thematic or local groups (more);
  • Meetings: to hold our meetings and discussions across language barriers, combining a chat with automated text translation;

For Cooperators only

For Cooperators to take Strategic Decisions, in full democracy

  • Definition of cooperators' projects: for Cooperators to democratically define the projects by Cooperators that they would like other Cooperators to support and participate in;
  • Definition of actions by organisations and sectors towards sustainability: for Cooperators to democratically define the actions that they want the organisation or sector that they work for or are related to, to engage towards environmental and social sustainability, in cooperation with trade unions when they are present and willing;
  • Definition of Entrepreneurial Prototypes: for Cooperators to democratically define the projects of innovative, sustainable economic activities that they would like the Cooperative to support and to invest funds in;
  • Definition of public policies: for Cooperators to democratically define the public policies that they support and will implement when elected in public decision-making bodies (parliaments and governments, from the municipality to the European Union). This platform uses KuneAgi, the deliberative democracy software that we developed for our usage and make freely available to all under a free software licence;

For the internal functioning of the Cooperative