Gain hope and confidence by participating in our Mutual Support Groups

Do you strive for more environmental sustainability, social justice and democracy at all scales? Do you feel isolated and discouraged in a society that is materialistic, short-sighted and increasingly brutal? Do you believe that social relations should be based on mutual respect, on kindness and fraternity? Our Mutual Support Groups are here for you. They are open to anyone. Participation is free of charge and with no commitment from your side.

The members of a Mutual Support Group support and encourage each other in their strive for a better future for everyone

The mainstream features of our societies seem to all go in the wrong direction. Their most visible and massive trends go towards ever-increasing material consumption of ever more futile and destructive goods and services, towards unheard-of inequalities and towards xenophobic parochialism and aggressiveness (see here our vision of the global challenges of the 21st century).

When confronted with such trends, it is normal that you sometimes feel helpless and discouraged.

We believe however that there is hope to reverse these trends, and room for action at individual and collective scale, towards social justice, environmental sustainability and pan-European democracy in all public institutions and private organisations. It is the very reason why we create the CosmoPolitical Cooperative.

We propose that you restore your courage and your hope, in a friendly, safe and supportive group, a Mutual Support Group. By participating in such a group, you can share our aspirations and fears, your experiences, observations and reflections, your desires and your actions towards a just, sustainable and happy life. More important still: you share support, encouragement and good humour!

Each Mutual Support Group is made of 6 to 12 participants, which share the same language and are available at the same time in the week. They self-organise via mailing lists provided to them by the CosmoPolitical Cooperative to meet (physically or virtually) on a regular basis.

Each Mutual Support Group is free to organise as it chooses. The CosmoPolitical Cooperative provides here some recommendations on how to run such a group in a respectful and fruitful way.

Find your Mutual Support Group!

To register to a Mutual Support Group, you simply need to send a registration e-mail to the corresponding mailing list. You will receive an e-mail requesting confirmation. Once you have confirmed your registration, you will be able to exchange e-mails with the other members of the Mutual Support Group, and be able to define with them when and how to meet. You are of course free to leave the Mutual Support Group at any time: you simply need to send an e-mail to the de-registration address sent at the bottom of any e-mail of the mailing list.

The mailing lists of the Mutual Support Groups which are open to new members are listed here.