Why are your discussions in English only?

In order for an organisation to be close to people, it should speak their language. Therefore, the websites where we define our political programme and where we hold our internal discussions should be available in all the 23 official languages of its geographic area of coverage, the European Union. They are so far available in English only, which can be seen as a contradiction. The present website providing a general introduction to the CosmoPolitical Cooperative on the other hand is intended to be translated in all official languages of the EU. So far, it has been translated into 11 languages, using machine translation tools: DeepL for German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Portuguese; Tilde for Finnish and Latvian; Gramtrans for Esperanto.

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative however attempts to perform a function never achieved before: trans-national democracy, beyond national and linguistic boundaries. We specifically want to maintain a single area of debate among all members, and avoid fragmenting our organisation into separate linguistic communities. One way of achieving it could be to translate systematically all programme- and methodology-related documents into the 23 official languages of the EU. It is socially fair, but immensely costly. The European Parliament is the only institution world-wide to do so - and it dedicates ca. 50% of its operating budget to it. The opposite option is to use one common language for international communication. We have chosen this option, using English as the currently available solution. We are aware of its social unfairness, and consider the planned language Esperanto as the fair and efficient alternative. See the document justifying our statutes, §4.3, for a more thorough discussion of linguistic fairness in the CosmoPolitical Cooperative.