Our range of cooperative actions at all scales

Considering the magnitude and the urgency of the issues to be addressed, we start acting here and now, within the social and economic system defined by the existing legal, regulatory and public budget framework:

  • we support each other in our collective, reproducible initiatives that transform society towards social justice and environmental sustainability. We call such actions Cooperators' Initiatives;
  • we perform innovative production activities as an organisation, in which we prototype, in an economically self-sustaining manner, those that will need to be mainstreamed in the Society of Agreement. We call such activities Social Entrepreneurship Activities;

When the existing legal, regulatory and public budget framework hinders the transformation towards the Society of Agreement, we transform it by exercising political responsibilities in parliaments and governments to implement the public policies that we have jointly and democratically defined. Thereby we mobilise, at all scales from the municipality to the European Union, the powerful, concentrated, coordinated and large-scale instruments of public authorities, namely regulation, public spending and taxation. We thus participate in democratic elections to be elected to these positions of political responsibility.

We stage the transformations that we seek in the legal, regulatory and public budget framework in our long-term "30-40-50 Strategy", where the three pillars of the Society of Agreement are pursued in three parallel axes of effort, but with staggered objectives.

  1. pan-European democracy in 2030, to have a sufficiently powerful and unified political power to overcome the resistance of economic and financial powers,
  2. social justice in 2040, so that everyone has the confidence in the future necessary to engage in profound transformations of their way of life,
  3. environmental sustainability in 2050 (and in particular net Greenhouse Gases emissions below zero), for reasons of simple survival of human civilisation.
The 30-40-50 Strategy in 3 parallel axes

Download a full description of our cooperative modes of action (8 pages A4)